FAQs - Tree Service Specialists in Gladstone

Boyne Island Tree Services are the expert arborists you can trust in the Gladstone area. We offer professional services for tree lopping, stump grinding, mulching and yard maintenance to residential, commercial and industrial clients.

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about our business:

What are the most beneficial characteristics of a tree services company?

When you need professional tree services you must take into consideration reliability, quality and experience. A reputable company will complete the job in the time frame they have promised and will deliver an exceptional job. An experienced tree services company will know how to manage different tree and yard jobs, will have the appropriate equipment and will not do any damage to your outdoor or indoor areas.

Is tree pruning essential?

Yes, tree pruning can help with safety, aesthetic appeal and the health of your trees. Pruning involves getting rid of broken or dead tree branches. Our tree pruning produces a cleaner appearance for your outdoor space because trees grow quicker and with fewer problems. Meanwhile, you no longer have to worry about people tripping over dead or broken branches.

My tree was just removed. Do I need stump grinding services?

Yes, if you want to ensure you are maximising your outdoor space, stump grinding is an essential service. It entirely removes the tree stump from the area covering the now open space with high-quality soil. Grass and plants can then be grown successfully in the area.

When is tree lopping necessary?

There are two situations where tree lopping becomes necessary. The first is when you are unhappy with the way your outdoor space looks. You may want a tree moved from its position, especially if there are several trees in the same area, our lopping services can safely remove the tree and plant it in another part of your property. Trees growing too close to each other can also compromise each other’s growth. The roots may start to overlap, compromising one or both of the trees. Lopping is essential in such circumstances. Otherwise, you may have to remove the trees at a later date.