Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding Services in Gladstone

Many people assume that when they have a tree cut down and removed from their property, the work is done. Even after cutting down the tree, the stump and root system remains. Stump grinding is the best way to deal with these structures.
Boyne Island Tree Services offers efficient and safe stump grinding services, which remove the stump and tree roots without causing any damage to your outdoor space. It allows you to replant soil, flowers, plants greenery in the area.
Stumps and root systems can also cause problems with underground plumbing, septic tanks and other structures. The best thing to do when a tree is removed is to have the stump ground by professional and experienced arborists known for their high quality work.
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Creating Usable Space

Our stump grinding services help create usable space in your outdoor area. Whether it's your front yard, back yard or a commercial outdoor site, our services ensure your tree does not reshoot, the stump does not attract ants or other insects and that grass can grow over the area in time.

We leave the area neat and fully prepared for grass or plants to grow. Our skilled and experienced team uses sophisticated machines with hydraulic systems which let us cleanly and safely remove the stump core and associated roots from the ground without causing any damage to the nearby area.

Always Hire a Professional

It's often tempting for home owners or business owners to attempt DIY work to remove a stump from their property. They assume it's only a matter of pulling it out of the ground or hacking at the stump until it is torn apart.

The truth is that only our specialised and well-maintained stump grinding machines can stand up to most tree stumps. Our equipment ensures the tree stump on your property is crushed safely. We also remove the associated roots without causing too much upheaval to the nearby soil.
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