Mulching Services in Gladstone

Whether you need your tree mulched, or if you’re after some mulch for your garden, our team at Boyne Island Tree Services can provide expert mulching services. We have wood chipping machines on hands to reduce any tree in your yard down to manageable wood chips. These wood chips can then be used as tree mulch in any garden or to be distributed around the base of any trees.

Tree mulching is helpful in five key ways including:
  • Controlling pervasive weeds
  • Regulating the surface soil temperature
  • Improving moisture absorption
  • Limiting water runoff
  • Protecting your trees from the damage that weed trimmers and lawn mowers can cause
At Boyne Island Tree Services we are proud to offer expert tree mulching assistance to clients throughout the Gladstone area. Mulching is an environmentally sensible and effective method to control weeds and improve moisture retention in your outdoor space.
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Expert Mulching Service

Mulching is not as simple as scattering organic residue all over your lawn and hoping it does an efficient job at weed control. Arborists such as the professionals at Boyne Island Tree Services in the Gladstone area, know the right type and volume of mulch to use to provide the maximum benefit to our clients.

We know how much mulch and where to apply mulch on your property, we also understand the type of mulch that will deliver all the benefits mentioned above.

When we mulch on your property we help improve the nutrients in the soil, which provides long term improvement in grass and plant growth.
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Mulching After Tree Lopping

If you decide to have trees felled or cleared from your property there will be a significant amount of resulting debris that falls on the ground. We can conduct onsite mulching right after the process, ensuring you have high quality and rich garden mulch.

We use high-quality machines and the latest techniques to produce a garden mulch that is finely ground and very consistent in its shape. The result is that it breaks down evenly and enhances your soil. It also contains the necessary amount of moisture and does a lot of work in preventing weeds from growing in your lawn.

Doing A Complete Job

While some tree service providers believe in doing half a job, that's not the way Boyne Island Tree Services operates. We pride ourselves in delivering excellent outcomes and flawless work for our clients. We chip your mulch directly on our trucks as it keeps everything neat and tidy.

When we move the tree through the wood chipper, the forest mulch is left on your site at no extra charge. If you do not need all of the resulting mulch we are also happy to collect it and remove it from your property.
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