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At Boyne Island Tree Services we know that without the correct equipment it is impossible to deliver the services our clients seek. We hold ourselves to the highest standard, whether we're trimming shrubs, controlling weeds, moving a tree or removing a tree from your property.

We have the right team to handle jobs of various sizes and scopes, we also have state of the art tree service equipment for our team to use. Our full range of equipment ensures that no job is too big or complex for Boyne Island Tree Services.

Our tree service equipment includes:
  • Vermeer BC600xL 6" Chipper
  • Vermeer BC1800xL 19" Chipper with winch 170hp
  • Vermeer S925TX Skid Steer
  • Vermeer SC60TX 60hp Stump grinder
  • Hino 3.5 ton tipper with four cubic metre bin
  • Mercedes Atego 8 Ton tipper
  • Hino 8 Tonne Tipper 22 Cubic metre bin
  • Kubota L35 4WD Backhoe/Loader
  • 27m EWP Spider Lift
  • Excavator with grab
Tree Equipment — Tree Services in Tannum Sands, QLD
Tree Equipment 1 — Tree Services in Tannum Sands, QLD
Tree Maintenance — Tree Services in Tannum Sands, QLD
Our crew are fully trained to use the equipment we use for arborist work. We also properly maintain all our equipment to ensure it is in 100 per cent working order for every job. Before we bring equipment to your location we test it to ensure it's in excellent working condition.

We prefer to upgrade our equipment whenever necessary. If a new machine or tool is on the market and will improve our efficiency and output, we don't think twice about adding it to our collection of tree service equipment.

Every job requires different equipment. Our smaller chippers and grinders may be the right solution for particular residential jobs, while commercial, industrial or rural clients may need us to bring our more heavy-duty equipment. When you book our services, let us know the scale of the project so we know which of our machinery is most suitable.

In some instances we will have a staff member assess your property before we provide a price quote and time frame information. In other cases we rely on our clients to give us details about the size and scope of the job so we know the correct equipment to bring.
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